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Our services include advisory services in finance and tax law. We recommend including with respect to the financial administration for small and medium businesses in all sectors.

The clients for which we operate are companies active in the field of retail, wholesale, catering, business services, passenger transport, industry, transportation, but also other sectors. We have experience with a wide variety of industries and thus are often aware of the information needs of you as an entrepreneur. Also for non-profit organizations, we can advise in the care of the administration.

Financial administration

Every entrepreneur in the Netherlands is expected to observe. Financial records These financial records as a basis for the provision of internal and external information needs. For internal information needs you can think of information when making investment decisions, product policy, personnel etc. For external information needs is a financial information that is relevant to external stakeholders such as the tax office and banks. This refers to the annual or interim reports on the results achieved.

Payroll administration

If your company employs staff you will need. Payroll records Through a very good cooperation with a wage agency we can execute from paycheck to reporting to UWV GAK / Cadence / GUO and tax authorities.

Tax advice

Our service does not stop at adbvies in taking care of your administration. Your administration is a tool to decide on eg investment, personnel, housing policy, product policy, marketing, etc.. Targeted policy decisions As a foundation, we work with you and try to guide you so that your company remains successful herein. We provide both economic and diverse tax advice. Of course we fill all tax returns include sales tax, income tax and corporation tax for you expertly. Here, however, does not end our service. Utilizing our tax expertise, we are trying to achieve. Seen a fiscally optimal situation for your company As hardworking company you prefer to pay too much tax. Logical, but every entrepreneur must do to comply with the Dutch tax legislation. Our experience and knowledge in the field of taxation you know that you will never pay too much tax, using the tax opportunities that are available. Even with questions about personal financial planning, annuities, investment, man-woman firm, legal status of, monitoring of your business, you can expect a professional answer with us. We would like to analyze your personal situation and then we make the right fiscal choices with you.

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