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Are you looking for a temporary or permanent service or solution, an issue, problem or project that you would like advice or support from a professional?

We can hereby advise and support! We are happy to discuss with you what the problem is, what the desired outcome or goal, so that we can provide appropriate advice, project or temporary additional staff support.

Business Plan

The drafting of a business plan is a good preparation for the start of a business. In a business plan, your plan step by step illustrated and elaborated per part. If there is investment and / or expansion plans are, it is also wise to ask such a plan. On Get in particular the plans funded in an appropriate manner is a good foundation through a business plan is necessary.


The profitability or profitability of your business is important for the continuity of your business. A low profitability hinders investment, growth and development of your business. Together we bring the backgrounds of your profits into the picture. Components such as the structure of the sales price, the cost, the gross profit and the composition of the remaining costs to be worked out. Through a comparison with the industry possible improvement are developed and discussed. Regular consultation and guidance form the basis to establish adequate monitoring of sales and expenses with the goal of improving profitability. We give you insight into your profitability and review this in relation to the industry.


In the investment plans of the entrepreneur are described. It is recommended that as large a part of the plans by tender substantiate (s). Then there is an accurate estimate of the total amounts involved in the investment. The whole forms the basis for the financing plan. These are investment and finance aligned


For the execution of our work, there are several grant opportunities. There are more subsidy than you might think. It is conceivable that a claim can be used on various subsidy schemes. Created in a particular project Some of these schemes are entitled to 40% of the costs incurred. We will not elaborate further on the various forms of subsidies and possibilities, because it depends on each situation or claim can be grants made. If you have questions about the funding opportunities for our work, please feel free to contact us for an informal interview. Based on this discussion, we'll look at how you can create on subsidy claim.


The strategic market plan forms the basis for a marketing plan. Without first analyzing the company further, it is impossible to determine marketing goals. The strategic market plan in conjunction with a promotion plan is a marketing plan. The preparation of such a promotion plan we do together with a network partner. In this way, there is a third objective party involved in the promotion of your organization.

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